Breathe  4  Peace

Join us for an evening of serenity, community, and transformation

De Koepel, Haarlem

Friday, March 8, 2024
19:00 - 22:00 CET


Explore conscious connected breathing to unlock the limitless love and peace within.

Sound Journey

Guided by talented musicians that will take you on a heartwarming sound journey.


Connect with like-minded individuals in a space brimming with harmony and possibility

Let’s breathe, connect, and spread a wave of peace together.

Join us for an evening of serenity, community, and transformation at Breathe4Peace. A captivating event taking place at the historic De Koepel in Haarlem on Friday, March 8th. This monumental domed prison is now a beacon of culture and innovation. Once it was holding people in captivity so it couldn't be more symbolic to create a ceremonial circle here to breathe for peace. It promises to be an experience that will deeply resonate with you. 

As you surrender to the rhythm of your breath, you will be enjoying heartwarming music in a ceremonial circle. One of the skilled musicians joining us, is Robby Busscher, famous for his spoken word and sound journeys. His motto "shine, it will enlighten" is exactly what we hope you will experience during this three hour experience.

Immerse yourself in the profound practice of connected breathing. A technique renowned for its ability to release emotions, reconnect with yourself and experience inner peace. We will create an intimate atmosphere where you feel safe. Many breathwork coaches will be present during this evening to guide you on this journey within.

Your ticket not only gives you access to this extraordinary evening but also all profits go towards War Child, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting children affected by conflict and violence. As you embark on your journey to feel inner peace, know that you're also making a difference in the lives of those in need.

This event is taking place on International Women’s Day. We will be celebrating the power of the feminine energy, in both men and women. Feminine energy is the energy of creation, life, and love. It's when we feel compassion and peace. The world needs a dynamic balance of masculine and feminine, yet we live in a society in which the masculine energies have overpowered the feminine energies. 

'The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace'

- Gandhi

The Team

Freke van Nimwegen

Initiator | Breathwork Coach

Jacqueline van der Sande
Chairman Cultuurkoepel
Robby Busscher

Word Artist | Musician

Yoni Avital

Merel Burger
Breathwork Coach
Martyn van Ommen
Breathwork Coach

Peter Gumbmann




Breathwork Coach

Eefke Zoetmulder

Event Manager

Sophie van Aanholt

Breathwork Coach

Liv Stig

Breathwork Coach

Rolf Johan

Breathwork Coach

Mahalia van der Waal

Breathwork Coach

Petra van de Weide

Breathwork Coach

Aaf Grasveld

Breathwork Coach

Femke van Rozen

Breathwork Coach

Michelle Caseley

Breathwork Coach

Ashleigh McKenzie

Breathwork Coach

FAQ Breathe4Peace

What is connected breathing?

We will use several breathing techniques, of which one is circular breathing, also known as conscious connected breathing. Simply said it is breathing with no pause between inhalation and exhalation. It’s a beautiful and simple practice that helps connect to your body, let go of old emotional baggage, and stimulates a feeling of inner peace and love.

In the online preparation workshop (Sunday March 3rd, 20.15 CET), we will explain more in depth. The replay will be available!

Who will be guiding this event?

There will be many breathwork coaches, at least one per eight participants. We will ensure a safe and loving space and an intimate environment within this unique location. Freke van Nimwegen is guiding the overall breathwork directions combined with a sound journey led by Robby Busscher, Yoni Avital, and Peter Gumbmann.

Are there any contraindications for connected breathing?

It is a very safe and effective practice, but if you have any of the following medical indications, you can not participate unfortunately.

* Cardiovascular disease (angina, previous heart attacks, or strokes)
* Detached retina
* Glaucoma
* Aneurysm in the brain or abdomen
* Kidney disease
* Severe Asthma (mild asthma is ok, bring your inhaler)
* Epilepsy
* Any other medical, physical, or psychiatric condition that would impair or affect the ability to involve in deep physical and emotional release.
* High Blood Pressure that is not controlled with medication

Why War Child?

All profits go to War Child. A beautiful charity, with an important mission focused around mental health of the children.

“Around the world, hundreds of millions of children are living with the effects of war and conflict. Separated from their homes, schools and loved ones, many are overwhelmed by manifestations of distress.
We may never be able to take away all the pain that comes with war. But we can create space where children can heal. Through our creative and evidence-based approach, we work exclusively to enhance the innate resilience of children and their communities.
We are a rights-based organisation - which means we also advocate with and on behalf of children to ensure their fundamental rights are upheld.
Children’s right to learn; to food, water, a safe place to rest their head at night, are all inextricably linked to their right to mental health. We remind governments and other influential actors of the scope of their commitments.”

How much is donated to War Child?

At least 10 euros per ticket and we hope it will be more - depending on the amount of people and the actual cost. Costs for this events are for example location rent, sound systems, marketing and IT, snacks for the participants and of course VAT (BTW 21%). Everyone involved in this initiative is working for a minimum rate or for free. This is a not for profit event.

What can I expect from the online preparation workshop?

In the preparation workshop, we will prepare you for your breathwork experience. In the Integration workshop, we’ll look back on your experience. You can join both workshops online. They will take place on:
Preparation Workshop: March 3rd 20.15 (Replay will be available)

I want to join but the ticket is too expensive

Please let us know by sending an email! We want to be an inclusive event and everyone that feels the call should be able to join. We have some free tickets available for people who cannot afford to join us otherwise.

How did this event come into existence?

In October 2023, when the war in Gaza and Israel started I was feeling so much sadness, powerlessness and grief, like many people. How can these horrible events happen… again and again?

One day that month, I woke up after having a very vivid dream. In my dream I saw a large group of people lying in a circle in De Koepel in Haarlem. The image was really specific and felt weird, because I have only visited the building once, two years ago. This building is a monumental domed prison, once holding people in captivity so it couldn’t be more symbolic to create a circle of light there.

The dream was a beautiful message to feel that I’m not powerless. I have the ability to start from within. To start spreading peace from our own hearts.

It even has been researched that if a group of people come together to meditate, it has the power to affect a whole city, which they call the "field effect of consciousness".

As a breathwork coach I feel the call to contribute with what our breath can do for us, which is my experience goes even further than meditating. I gathered a group of like minded people, talented musicians and breathwork coaches, that resonated with this. And I’m very grateful so many people are contributing to this dream to spread a wave of peace to the rest of the world.

Freke van Nimwegen

Is this women only, or both for women and men?

Both women and men are welcome! This event is taking place on international women’s day. A beautiful day to celebrate the feminine energy in all of us. Feminine energy is the energy of creation, life, and love. It's when we feel compassion and peace. The world needs a dynamic balance of masculine and feminine, yet we live in a society in which the masculine energies have overpowered the feminine energies. Both women and men are needed in this transition.

Don't miss this opportunity and secure your place now. A journey of breath, sound, and unity that will leave an imprint on your heart and soul. Join us amidst the historical splendor of De Koepel in Haarlem.

de koepel haarlem

Tickets include

  • Connected breathing with many experienced breathwork coaches 

  • Live sound journey by talented musicians

  • Spoken word by Robby Busscher

  • Online preparation workshop 

  • Snacks at the end of the evening

  • Donation to War Child

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