Magical nature walk

Experience yourself as part of nature

freke van nimwegen

Magical nature walk

Join this magical experience that consists of a nature walk in combination with beautiful practices to deepen the connection with yourself and feel you are a part of nature.

The practices we use are breathwork, meditative movement flow and all kind of grounding, calming and insightful exercises. You will have a totally new experience in using all of your senses in a conscious way.

You will have the option to take a microdose of magic truffle (1 gram), which is an earth medicine containing psilocybin. This will allow a heightened state of consciousness in which you get more into your body and experience yourself beyond it. It provides a deep meditative state that is actually your natural state of being. A place where you can feel the connection with nature and all of creation within you.


The walk is taking place in our beloved Kennemerduinen! With all its variety and beauty, it's my favorite piece of nature around Haarlem.

We gather at thet 'Watertapplaats koevlak', this is a watertap in front of the bike stalling at 'Bezoekerscentrum De Kennemerduinen' and the Duincafé, nearby the beautiful lake 't Wed.

Address: Zeeweg 12 in Overveen. 

We advise you to come by bike, but there is enough parking space if you'd rather come by car.

How to prepare for microdosing?

  • No coffee on the day itself 
  • No alcohol on the day itself and the day before.
  • Do not eat one hour before the session starts
  • Do not eat or drink dairy during the last meal
  • We will email a short medical checklist to make sure it's safe for you

Your guides

Freke van Nimwegen

Dorry Aben

Djaja van den Berg

Join us on this magical nature walk

Vrijdag 23 juni 9.15 - 12.00

Freke & Djaja | Theme: Heart's desire

Vrijdag 30 juni 9.15 - 12.00

Freke & Dorry | Theme: Roots

Let's bath in nature together
and experience ourselves as one